Downtown CR Dollars Proposal

Theme of the Video

This video would play as a short story to draw an emotional connection to those watching, and is meant to bring hope through the use of this app. This would have the feel of the types of ads typically seen during the Super Bowl that is meant to invoke emotion.


Quiet Downtown CR early morning.


Shop owner arrives, unlocks the door, and gets his shop ready to open.


He flips the Open sign and stares down an empty sidewalk.


Inside he wipes down his counter, slightly anxious/defeated and stares up at the clock ticking.


(Bell Rings as front door opens) and to his delight, it's customers. 


(Voice-over comes in)

Relieved, he smiles, they smile and nod.


At the register he hands over the Shopping Bag, and the receipt.


The customer snaps a photo of their receipt and leaves. 


Shop owner cleans counter, this time with a hopeful grin.


Screen fades to graphic of the new app.


"When you support local businesses, you can earn dollars to use at participating local restaurants and retailers. Simply snap a photo of your receipt and earn rewards. Download Downtown CR Dollars to continue to make Cedar Rapids a great place for families AND businesses to call home"

Target Audience

We typically require a 50% retainer to start production.

To Start Shooting

This video should have a run time of about 60 seconds.

Length of Video

This video will be relatable to a wide demographic. All generations will be able to understand and interpret the meaning of this story. This video will invoke each individual on a personal level. The audience will see themselves as the hero in this story, if they can go out and support a local businesses.

Production Needs

We would need access to a local small business with a small quaint feel for one full day of shooting.