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Hi! I'm Rob, but my wife calls me Boujee. I didn't choose the boujee life, the boujee life chose me. 🤷🏽‍♂️ This all started when I moved from Daytona Beach, FL to Los Angeles, CA in 2006. I went from the life of a semi-professional surfer, to working for MTV, Disney, Mark Cuban, CBS, FOX, etc... You see, I got my start in television over a decade ago, and I've been lucky enough to do what I love ever since. When my wife told me we were moving to the Midwest, I knew I would be leaving the Hollywood lifestyle behind, which has led to me telling your stories.


Growing up, I was always one of the few guys who enjoyed Romantic Comedies. I'm a real sap when the guy gets the girl, and the story that brings the two together. Through hell or high water, they were meant to be, and now I get to tell those stories. Call me corny, call me Boujee, but at the end of the day, I'd love for you to call me your videographer and friend.

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"Rob with Ajax Media did an amazing job with my New Year's Eve wedding on such short notice. He took so much time and care to help make sure that not only our video was excellent but that our photographer had all the help he needed too. This company goes above and beyond for their clients because they love what they do. I'd recommend them for any event!"


Ryley H.

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