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When quality, consistency, and efficiency matter, we are who brands turn to for video production. Whether we're working alongside your in-house team, executing the vision of your Creative Director, or you're diving into professional video for the first time, established and emerging brands have trusted Ajax Media to partner with since 2018.

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Whether you're seeking to outsource video production, have a project that surpasses your in-house team's capacity, or require training for your internal staff, Ajax Media has collaborated with numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as emerging brands. We strive to transform your vision into a captivating reality, leaving a lasting impression that resonates with your entire team, from the CMO to the CEO. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that every stakeholder feels the investment was not only worthwhile but truly impactful.


Pitching video becomes challenging when quality is uncertain. Hiring videographers around the country to service your clients leads to inconsistency, a possible negative experience while filming, and onboarding someone new to your process, expectations, and accounting. With our reputation of a seamless experience for your clients and a commitment to delivering exceptional quality, we not only boost your clients' revenue but also maximize their annual investment with your agency.


Planning an upcoming project in the Midwest but prefer to avoid traveling crew in? We've collaborated with production companies from across the globe, ensuring timely and cost-effective deliveries. With an extensive network of skilled crew members in the Midwest and a track record of supplying teams across the United States, we can fulfill your diverse shooting needs. Whether it's a solo operator, a 30-person commercial crew, or specialized camera work such as Drone/FPV/Chase Car/Camera Car, the team at Ajax Media has you covered.


We know how much time goes into building and crafting a brand you can be proud of. Don't diminish that appearance in the market with another cable network produced tv spot. Whether you're a marketing agency coming up with the creative and need a team to execute it, or a business with no idea where to start, we are your partner in creating something you and your team will be proud of.

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A few core videos are essential for any business. These include promotional videos, a brand video, and customer/client testimonials. A promotional video creates awareness of a product or service, while a brand video instills confidence in customers by showcasing the benefits of working with your business. Finally, testimonial videos provide social proof that can help to increase customer commitment and conversion rates. By incorporating these core videos into your marketing strategy, you can effectively promote your business, build your brand, and gain the trust and loyalty of your customers.

Many businesses encounter customers with inquiries before or after purchasing their product or service. These inquiries are typically handled by the sales team, who often spend valuable time responding to the same questions repeatedly. By creating informative video resources that address common questions and provide walkthroughs, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction while also increasing sales productivity. By doing so, sales staff can focus on selling rather than repeatedly answering the same questions, resulting in a more efficient and profitable operation..

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Donna. Creative Director

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Ashley. Creative Director

I have worked with Rob and his team at Ajax Media several times, and every time it has been an absolute pleasure. The team is professional, well versed in their knowledge of all things creative, and I'm blown away every single time at how easy they make the entire process. They can take an idea, run with it and help you mold it into something you want, or they can take your idea, hep you fine tune it and make it into the best marketing concept you've ever seen. Their communication is quick, concise and deadlines are always met on time, if not before. Additionally, every person I have worked with at personable and easy to work with either via email, Zoom or in person. 10/10 would recommend them every time for a project.

Content + Efficiency = Happy Clients

Think of us as an extension to your team, but without the vacation pay, sick days, and 401K contributions.

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We live for those screenshots where your President/CEO, client, or team express how the videos surpassed their expectations. Go you!

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