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When doing a rebrand, it's important that your clients know they can trust you. This testimonial from a happy new homeowner does just that. Customers tend to trust other customers opinions, and this video eases any doubt that a future customer might have.

Vios Fertility

Videos can do more than just communicate with your customers. They can show future employees the atmosphere and the drive behind why you do what you do. This video is a great example of melding footage shot with employees cell phones, and professional video, that drives a storyline to excite potential new hires. 

Red River Specialties

This is what we like to call the Video Business Card. It explains who you are, why you do what you do, and what sets you apart. This asset works for you outside of business hours, and is perfect to include in your email signature!


Don't hide your accomplishments from your customers. They are just as excited to be working with award winning businesses, as you are to be one. This is not only a great video that shows off an accomplishment, but also gives customers a look at the personality behind the company.

Bails Team

People love working with people they could have a beer with. Sometimes the video that would typically be left on the cutting room floor can be repurposed to show your customers that you too are human, and make mistakes. This video shows the process behind making a professional video, that just goes to show you don't have to act professional, to look professional.

Bails Team

The blooper real from above looks like this when we're done with our editing magic. We take out all your hiccups, and produce something streamlined and professional. You could say we're good at what we do.


Sometimes you find yourself teaching the same thing over and over again to your employees. This means you're paying labor to someone to do a repetitive task. Why not create a video training course to be able to train people from anywhere with an internet connection?

*This course was started when Covid hit, so the presenter recorded herself at her house. 

AVL Movie Trailer

If you didn't make it through the 40 minute educational video above, we don't blame you. However, it's a required part of their job, and they wanted to make a promotional trailer to get people excited for it. This right here is the power of editing. We can take something that's dry, and make it into something magical. 

P.S. That's the voice of Venom from Marvel's Avengers Academy. Cool!